Looking for a job?

Whether you are a college graduate looking to enter the corporate world, or an accomplished employee looking for a new opportunity, ABC Staffing will have career options for you.  We offer mainly temporary-to-permanent positions, direct hire positions, and some strictly temporary assignments.  

Our skilled recruiters take pride in finding out what you're looking for in a position.  We conduct in-depth interviews with our applicants to determine what career opportunities will fit your interests.  In addition to connecting you with potential employers, your recruiter will offer interviewing tips to make sure that you are completely prepared for your meeting with a potential employer.

Once you have found a position through our company, you will either remain on our payroll for your first 520 hours (temporary-to-permanent) or go directly onto the employer's payroll (direct hires).

Interested in an interview with ABC Staffing?  Forward your resume to us at admin@abcstaffingpgh.com, or send a message on the Contact Us page!

To see some of the positions that are currently available, click on Current Positions Available.