Katie and Laura were great people to get to know as well as communicate with! They helped me find a new job quickly and I love my job so far, it is about 10-15 minutes away from where I live! They always get back to you quickly with advice and any questions you have! Also, they were able to work with me as far as hours and pay rate goes which is exactly what I am hoping for! Definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a job!


I have nothing but positive things to say about ABC Staffing! Both Laura + Katie were a pleasure to deal with especially - they took the time to get to know you, and what you were looking for so they could place you with the right company. You are not just another resume to hit their inbox. Thank you again for the professionalism. Try them - you will not be disappointed!


I had an exceptionally positive experience with Emily from ABC Staffing. During our initial phone conversation, Emily was informative about the process of working with a recruiter as this process was very new to me. Emily conducted an initial interview in person and helped me to define my expectations in a potential employer. Within a week and a half, she presented me with a job opportunity that she thought was a good fit but was slightly different from what we had discussed. After thoroughly researching the job and the company, I knew she had found the perfect fit for me. It was a better opportunity than I had expected her to find. Emily invested a lot of time preparing me for the interview and telling me what to expect. I left my interview feeling as though I had been adequately prepared. When I spoke with Emily to let her know how the interview went, she assured me that she would contact the employer again to confirm that I remained very interested in the position. Within a few days, Emily contacted me with the good news that not only was I hired, BUT SHE HAD NEGOTIATED ME A HIGHER SALARY THAN WAS INITIALLY OFFERED! I'm absolutely thrilled with this position, and I envision myself remaining with this company long-term. My advice to anyone using this agency would be to simply listen and be patient. I can promise ABC Staffing will find you the right fit if you are patient and willing to accept any advice they impart. I can't thank Emily and ABC Staffing enough!


I had spent weeks looking unsuccessfully for a job by the time I met with Emily Greene at ABC; the experience - from first contact to successful hire - was a pleasant surprise. The interview with her was very thorough and it was easy to see that she was trying to get as clear a picture of my talents and what environments would most contribute to my success.

The aspect where Emily most stands out, however, is when she prepped me for my interview with the company she recommended to me. It was singularly different than other staffing agencies in that she gave me a clear idea of the office environment, interview style, and history of the company I would be applying to. The preparation was invaluable, and I got the job.


They contacted me the day I sent them my résumé and immediately started setting me up with interviews! I gave them a pay scale and a proximity, and within a few weeks I had the highest offer I’ve ever had for a job within eight minutes of my house! I couldn’t be happier! Laura and Katie at ABC Staffing are the best!


I moved from Arkansas and had no connections to Pittsburgh so finding a job was impossible! Laura Reynolds reached out to me through Indeed and made me feel so comfortable. I told her exactly what I wanted in a job and when I could start. Terms were all on my preference and Laura was very friendly and understanding.
I moved to Pittsburgh on October 1st and had an interview by October 4th.
She called me the day before to prep for the interview and explain what they are expecting. She even took my resume and told me what strengths I had to tell them that pertained to the job. I went into the interview so confident because of her. After the interview she called me to check in and see how it went. Any question I have had she has answered within the day if not by the hour.
I am extremely pleased with ABC Staffing and so very thankful for them! I was even able to refer a friend and she got a job within two weeks.
They make you feel comfortable and confident and get you a job.....fast!! Not only did they get me a job but I absolutely love my job and it’s above and beyond what I had asked for! I feel like Laura really got to know me and in the end knew me better than I knew myself! Highly recommend this amazing company!


I love this company!! I was looking for a job in my degree but was very tired of the search because i was still in college and had no prior experience and I use public transportation so finding a job around that was also a bit frustrating. Then Laura Reynolds came in! I interviewed with her, and she was so nice and made the process so quick and easy. She set realistic expectations with the bus and knew most people don't want to spend like 3 hours on the bus just one way. So, when looking for jobs for me, she checked that they were on the bus line for me and also a realistic time to get there. She was able to be easily reached at any time that I had a question, she was just an email or text away. She found me one job but that didn't work out which is okay! But then she told me about a second job, and I applied for it. I thought it was nice because she had me call her after my interview to let her know how it went which made me feel like she genuinely cared! well shortly after, i found out I was hired! I am so thankful for this company and helping me find my current job with a great company where I currently work at! I truly 100% recommend ABC Staffing. They make the process so much simpler and also genuinely make you feel like you matter.


ABC has been a wonderful group to work with. Their policies are extremely upfront, no fine print. And my agent put in extra work to advocate and negotiate for me. Very helpful when beginning your career. She was also extremely professional, very responsive, and kept in regular touch with me to guide me every step of the way! And they don't try to get you hired just anywhere, they send you to reputable places where they've gotten personal feedback that they are great places to work. Went above and beyond my expectations and were very pleasurable to work with!